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Bride: mandielane, Amanda Elaine Loyd

Wedding Dress:
Groom: applefrk, Joshua Joel Werner
Groom's Tux:
Maid of Honor: Amber Eileen Brandenburger
Maid of Honor's Dress:
Best Man: Zackaree Austin Werner
Best Man's Tux:
Bridesmaid: tifff, Tiffany Alene Nopens
Bridesmaid's Dress:
Grooms Man: Nicholas Alexander Ciufi
Grooms Man's Tux:
Flower Girl: Jasmine Marie Vigil
Flower Girl's Dress:
Ring Bearer: Isiah Anthony Vigil
Ring Bearer's Tux:
Wedding Date: December 31, 2008
Wedding Location: Vail, Colorado
Wedding Colors: Crimson, Black and Vanilla
Wedding Flowers: Red Roses and White Tulips
Father/Daughter Dance: Amanda by Waylon Jennings
Mother/Son Dance: Because You Loved Me by Cleine Dion
Bride/Groom's First Dance: Songbird by Fleetwood Mac
Bride/Groom's Last Dance: Me and You by Kenny Chesney
Honeymoon Location: Ireland

Sorry I got a little carried away. =)

amanda elaine
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